Thursday, 12 January 2012

a spot on your nose

You wake up, look in the mirror and there it is - a spot on your nose ! You then spend the entire day covering it, apologising for it and generally ruining any chance you may have had of happy relaxed interaction with the world....and as we all know, if you hadn't drawn attention to it, chances are nobody else would have noticed.....
Self confidence and self esteem are so crucial. I hate to think how many people grow up being told they are rubbish and believing it...then schools and peers and the general public endorse this self-belief and they become a self fulfilling prophecy.
No this isn't a Daily Mail rant. I am just introducing the thought that most of us are far better than we think we are, and this self belief is inside us, not in the mirror. It also comes from hearing positive things from other people. BUT we need validation of who we are, not merely how we look.
See how many people you can pay a genuine compliment to that doesn't mention their appearance, but rather something they do, or say. It's harder than you think.
It is also hard to accept compliments, so if they try and deflect your kind words, try smiling sweetly and telling them you really mean it and would they just accept it.

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